Virtually Staged 3D Scan

Our platform lets you import 3D scans as OBJs. Once they are in the platform they can be combined with our services, for example furnishing. In the sample below we're importing a Matterport OBJ file which we then furnish using our furniture library.


Here's a fully furnished Matterport OBJ. We're explaining the import process below. Important: Matterport lets you export the point cloud OBJ but not the photo spheres contained in it. This means that these photo spheres will not be available on our platform after the import.

Importing your Matterport OBJ

First go to your Matterport account to export the .obj along with the .mtl and .jpg texture files.

Then go to your dashboard and click on "Add new model" -> "Build your own or Upload 3D Models"

Drag-and-drop your entire Matterport export (.obj, .mtl, .jpgs) into the empty canvas.

Once the import is complete you will likely have to flip the XZ coordinates. To do that check the box on the menu that appears when you select the imported 3d object.

Now, just drag-and-drop furniture into your model.

You can also change the textures using the editor. However, the result will strongly depend on the texture distribution of your scan. Have fun!

Thanks to Axel from Objekt360 for the scan!