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3D Renderings and Custom Modeling

TODA team specialises in building immersive content for agencies and brands creating Unity3D applications, VR HTC Vive and Oculus, Renderings and Animations in one place-faster and better, making great interactive solutions, advertising and visual executions a reality.

Sample Projects

The Office

Highly detailed representation of the workspace featured in the US TV show the Office

Order for $ 1200+

50 Shades Darker

Representation of the duplex apartment featured in the US Movie Fifty Shades Darker. In this 50 Shades film series' movie, Anastasia Steel moves in with Christian Grey.

Order for $ 1350+

The Big Bang Theory

This 3D Model has been made after the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. It represents Sheldon & Leonard's apartment as well as Penny's.

Order for $ 1200+

Interactive visualization

Exterior and interior visualization project realized in unity3d. Designed for touch screen kiosks and walls, for mobiles Android and and desktops.

Order for $ 2500+

Real Estate Property Presentation

This interactive 3D application supports all mobile devices on iOS and Android platforms, PC and Mac, web, and all touch screen walls and kiosks installed in sales offices.

Order for $ 2200+