Furniture API calls give you access to a broad furniture library powered by Archilogic.


Searches the library using a text query. Will return a promise which resolves with a list of furniture objects (without geometry data).


Get a list of max 50 furniture objects related to wood and chair:'Wood Chair', { limit: 50 }).then(console.log)
Parameter Type Required? Description
query String Yes An string specifying search options (see below) or null to return random furniture pieces.
options Object No
options.limit Number No How many results will be returned at most.


Gets a single furniture piece including its geometry data.


The following snippet reads a single piece of furniture using a specific furniture ID:'943357e8-911f-4bb5-8b89-8281385ef08f').then(console.log)
Parameter Type Required? Description
furnitureId String Yes The ID of the furniture piece to retrieve. Obtain furnitureIds from the furniture library: at

Furniture Data Structure

Exemplary data returned from or

  "id": "5b97e7b5-2d13-4489-bf76-013ad70949fe",
  "name": "Basel Chair",
  "description": "With the Basel Chair, Jasper Morrison renews the classic genre of simple wooden chairs, which have been industrially produced over the past 100 years in great quantity and variety.",
  "manufacturer": "Vitra",
  "designer": "Jasper Morrison",
  "indexImage": "",
  "images": [
  "url": "",
  "year": 2008,
  "collectionIds": [ "6f8407e0-9ff2-4bbd-89fb-85946eba9748" ],
  "tags": [ "chair" ],
  "styles": [],
  "categories": [ "seating", "dining" ],
  "colours": [],
  "boundingBox": { "length": 0.42, "width": 0.46, "height": 0.78 },
  "boundingPoints": { "min": [-0.21,0,-0.23], "max": [0.21,0.78,0.23] },
  "updated": "2017-02-23T20:30:09Z"